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Radial base plate



89,00 € tax incl.

  • 84 Radials.
  • 3mm stainless steel.
  • max. 170mm inside with.
  • max. 400mm outer dimension.
  • approx. 2 kg weight.

The performance of a vertical antenna depends largely on the quality of the counterweight. This quality is determined by the type, number and length of the radials. Put simply, one can say that "a lot helps a lot", the more and longer the better. But how do you get many wires to a common ground point of the antenna? A radial plate is used here.

The WiMo radial plate was designed by experienced contestants who often use verticals and 4-squares in competition under real conditions and know the requirements for such a system. The radial plate is made of 3mm thick stainless steel and offers 84 holes to connect radials. Even though stainless steel does not offer the best conductivity from an electrical point of view, this material represents the best compromise between stability, weather resistance and electrical properties. Copper or brass would not be a good solution in the medium or long term, especially when used on or in salt water.

A vertical mounting bracket on the radial plate is used to mechanically lock the plate to the floor or to the radiator. The cut-out in the middle offers space for tubes up to 170mm thick, the holes on the angle allow the use of a U-bracket with 50 or 60mm width. In addition, there is a receptacle for a coaxial flanged bushing to which a supply line can be securely mounted mechanically. Included in delivery are 20 sets of screws with spring washers and scraper discs, so you can start immediately. Further screw sets, U-brackets etc. are available as an option. The indestructible WiMo radial plate has a maximum diameter of approx. 40cm and weighs approx. 2 kg

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