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Heil Adaptor cables AD-1-xx


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AD-1-xx is required for most Heil headsets (ProSet, ProSetPlus, Quiet Phone Pro, BM-10, Proset Elite etc.). These cables are available with either 8 pin round Foster connector or RJ-45 modular connector, for several radio models. The headsets with Icom microphone element require different cables: ADIC-xx. The Icom element is an electret element, the phantom power supply comes from the mic connector of the radio. In contrast to the AD-1-I-x cables the ADIC-x cables do not contain a capacitor.

  • AD-1-I-8: adaptor cable, 8 pin round for ICOM, incl. capacitor.
  • AD-1-I-M: adaptor cable, 8 pin RJ-45 for ICOM, incl. capacitor.
  • ADIC-8: adaptor cable, 8 pin round, for Icom, without capacitor
  • ADIC-M: adaptor cable, 8 pin RJ-45, for Icom, without capacitor.
  • AD-1-Y-8: adaptor cable, 8 pin round for Yaesu.
  • AD-1-Y-M: adaptor cable, 8 pin RJ-45 for Yaesu.
  • AD-1-K-8: adaptor cable, 8 pin round for Kenwood.
  • AD-1-K-M: cable adaptador 8 pines Modular (RJ-45) para KENWOOD.

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