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217,00 € tax incl.


The operation of the tuner is done very conveniently by the push button on the tuner, with the IT-100 alternatively by the "Tune" button on the radio. A longer push starts a new tuning cycle, a short push switches to "bypass". With 2000 memories the tuners find once tuned frequencies very fast, for new frequencies the tuning takes max. 6 seconds. The tuners match a SWR from 10:1 (3:1 on 6m) and therefore a much wider tuning range than many other tuners. Two LEDs show the "SWR too high" error and the tuning process.

Both devices are connected with the supplied cable (35cm long) to the CAT (Yaesu) or Tuner (Icom) socket of the radio, which also supplies them with power. This reduces the required cabling to an absolute minimum.

The IT-100 tuner supports all Icom radios with a 4-pin tuner socket (i.e. IC-706Mk2G, IC-718, IC-746, IC-7400, IC-756Pro3 etc.). The size of the tuner is 17x17x4cm, the weight is 750g. 

Technical Data:

  • Frequency range 1.8 to 54.0 MHz
  • 0,1 to 125 Watt (SSB und CW), 100 W on 6m
  • Tuning time between 0.1 and 6 seconds for new frequencies, ca. 0.1 sec when tuning from memory
  • Tuning range 4 to 800 Ω (16 to 150 Ohm on 6m), 4 to 3200 Ω with optional 4:1 balun
  • Tunes any kind of coax-fed antennas: Dipoles, Verticals, Beams etc.
  • Optional external balun enables you to tune random wires, long wires or twin ladder fed antennas
  • Control cable (35cm) included

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