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218,00 € tax incl.


The Z-100PLUS is an automatic antenna tuner useable for 1.8 to 54 MHz, for any transceiver with 0.1 to 125 Watt power SSB/CW (100 W FM, 30 W on 6m). The tuner is suitable for any unsymmetrically fed antenna (i.e. Beams, Dipoles, Groundplanes etc.). If the matching range is not sufficient, a 4:1 balun (symmetrical) or a MTFT balun (unsymmetrical) can be used (not included).

The tuner has 2000 memories which store settings for a once tuned frequency, when calling up the same frequency again the tuning lasts only some milliseconds. If no matching frequency is found tuning typically takes about 6 seconds.

Due to the use of latching relays the tuner requires only very little power (8 uA when stby)and is well suited for QRP/battery supplied operations. Power requirement during tuning is about 300mA. The Z-100Plus has two LEDs to show the current state (tuned etc.). Impedance matching range is 6 to 800 Ω, SWR from 10:1 (6m: 3:1), supply voltage required is 7 to 18V. Dimensions 140 x 140 x 38mm, weight ca. 400 gr. A DC cable is included.

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