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322,00 € tax incl.


Yaesu radios are very popular and so LDG is working to offer a suitable tuner for each radio. And even when the Yaesu radios do have a built in tuner, there is nothing which coulnd't be improved.

The LDG YT-1200 is suitable for use with the FT-450(D), FT-950, FT-991 & FT-991A, FT-DX1200 and FT-DX3000. In contrast to the built-in tuners LDG tuners offer various benefits: less power consumption though latching relays, larger tuning range (typ. 4 to 1000 Ω) and faster tuning. Supplied with the tuner is a cable which provides power and CAT data from the radio. This allows for very convenient tuning - just press the 'Tune' button on the tuner. The radio will be switched to CW, the power is reduced, then the tuning process starts. After tuning the radio is reverted to it's previous mode and power setting.

The CAT interface of the radio is duplicated on the tuner, so you don't loose any functionality. You can continue to use your favorite software with your radio and the tuner at the same time.

This tuner has one coaxial connector for one coax-fed antenna - dipoles, verticals, beams, whatever. Wire antennas would require an optional balun.

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