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BIG-RAK Rotor with controller

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SPID rotators are medium to heavy duty antenna rotators in the same general class as the HyGain TailTwister or Yaesu G-1000/2800DXC but with advanced digital features. Mechanical complexity is reduced to a minimum by utilizing a simple double worm gear drive system. Position readout is sensed by a rugged magnetic reed switch, giving a real resolution of 1 degree.

The controller has a full complement of features, including digital readout, software control and integrated computer interface (USB). Because it is able to emulate Hy-Gain, Yaesu and Orion control units, is it compatible to almost any software. Controller features may be easily upgraded in the future with a plug-in PROM.

Rotors need an external power supply of 12 to 24V DC, 12V-supply being very suitable for portable use with somewhat reduced torque and increased revolving time.

Rotating torque of RAS/RAK is around 350Nm (3,200 lb-in), with 24 volts to the motor. This is significantly more than any other rotator in the same price range.

The BIG-RAK and BIG-RAS rotators have an even larger rotation and brake torque and are intended for really large antenna systems.

With the double worm drive and the same magnet sensor as the RAK/RAS models the BIG versions have the same resolution of 1°.

The new smaller RAU rotor is intended for smaller antenna systems for VHF and shortwave.

RAK/BigRAK: Applicable for easy constructions as for example yagis or heavy short wave antennas. RAU: for smaller antenna system for VHF or shortwave. Mechanical parts consists of worm gear with worm and wormwheel, made from steel (as shown on the picture), guaranteeing long, continuous work and high reliability. The advantage is the possibility of alignment of worm and wormwheel holding down, what makes possible to eliminate side play in driving gear, which can appears after long usage time. The surface is painted with anti-corrosion paint. 

Technical data

Turning Torque [Nm]130158 - 366 [1]566 - >904 [1]
Brake Torque [Nm] 15822712
Brake SystemDouble Worm GearDouble Worm GearDouble Worm Gear
Vertical Load [kg]30250318
Rotating Speed [sec]60120 - 60 [1]240 - 145 [1]
Precision [°]111/0.5
Rotating Angle [°]720720720
Weight [kg]5.7711
Position sensorReed switchReed switchReed switch
Max. Tube Diameter bottom [mm]506666
Max. Tube Diameter top [mm]505066


[1] Turning Torque and rotating speed are depending on operating voltage (12 - 24 V).

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