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EAntenna EA101520DX



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All our antennas are designed with calculation programs last generation engines based NEC4 NEC2 and, for better optimization, design and reliability with respect to the actual test.
Each model is tested before being put into the market, to ensure an optimal performance when the antenna is mounted by each client.
The thread is the best in the market for HF dipoles FlexWeave 2.2 mm (AWG 14), completed in an insulator PA (Polyamide -90 ° to 70 ° C).
The latter, all done by hand, skilled and prepared for a final product of extreme quality.

The advantages of the dipoles EAntenna are:

Wide bandwidth compared to other brands
Very flexible wire, available to use for portable without problems deterioration.
No manager (like an inverted V)
Great for DX!

All this means that once installed the antenna, check that your brand is EAntenna final.
Inside the bag is available a fact sheet and if in doubt, contacting by e-mail with Rodrigo (ea7jx@eantenna.es) answer and help you as soon as possible and the best after-sales care.



The dipole EAntenna EA101520DX covers 10m, 15m and 20m bands.
Is based on a design of inverted "V" with a total length of 10,10 meters.
                           > 700
KHz. at 10 meters
                           Best SWR: 1:20
                           > 400 KHz. on 15 meters.
                           Best SWR: 1:13

                           > 300 KHz. on 20 meters.
                           Best SWR: 1:18

The antenna is set to 28400, 21250 and 14150 KHz.
To play antenna resonance, for each 5 cm. Wire cut on each side, up 50 KHz. So for example, to stay tuned to 14150 KHz. would have to be cut 10 cm. cable on each side.

Maximum Power: 1.0 kW continuous

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