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Specifications EASLP160S

  • The EAntenna EASLP160S is an 1/8 shortened wavelength with a coil to reduce the antenna length. Like any Sloper antenna, it is a vertical low angle lobe antenna to get the best results for the DX, and at the same time directive. The directivity goes from the mast, tower or vertical support which hold the antenna to the low perpendicular thread.
  • The wire used is 2mm HO7VK anti UV coated for durability.
  • This antenna does not include balun, but with a EAntenna 1:1choke or coax choke type, you can achieve the desired results.
  • The power that is proven antenna and 2kW CW.

Features of the EASLP160S

  • The EAntenna EASLP160S will complement your perfect complement in this band, and we have achieved a considerable bandwidth of 75 KHz. 1.1:1 to 2.0:1 SWR.
  • The assembly of this antenna is as simple as deploying the underfloor, the back of the antenna has a power to be put to the mast / tower or if put in a tree, this decision should go with an earth vertical, to provide addressability to the antenna. The settings of this antenna are to readjust within the band as it is preset to the bottom of the band. But in just 5 minutes you will have adjusted the cut only 5 centimeters to reach the top of the band.
  • Antenna very solid construction in PVC pipe and high pressure of only 280 grams.


Frequency Range:1,8~2,0 MHz.
SWR:1,1:1~2,0:1 (75 KHz.)
Max. Power:2 kW
Total Lenght:17,70m / 58,0'
Minimum Height:12,7m / 41,6'
Weight:280 g / 9,9 oz

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