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The BM-17 is a lightweight headset with one or two headphones designed for amateur radio use. To support as many radio manufacturers as possible, the BM-17 is available with either a dynamic or Electret microphone element.

The speakers used in the BM-17 are very sensitive and do not require strong audio amplification by the transceiver. The frequency response is 200 - 5000 Hz with very low distortion. The ear pads are replaceable acoustic foams.

The BM-17 headset uses the dynamic element BM-D, which has been specially developed for communication in amateur radio. This 600 Ohm dynamic element works with most transceivers that require a low input impedance (typically between 150 and 4000 Ohm). The BM-17 dynamic microphone has a frequency response of 120 - 10000 Hz.

The BM-17-iC headset with the Heil iC electret microphone was designed for use with Icom radios. Here the supply voltage at the microphone socket of the transceiver is used to supply the element. This eliminates the low gain problems that can occur when using dynamic microphones on Icom transceivers. This element must be coupled to the AD-1-iC (supplied) or AD-1-iCM adapter. The iC adapters do not have an internal capacitor to block the DC voltage. The BM-17 iC microphone capsule has a frequency response of 35 - 12000 Hz.

The microphone cable is equipped with a 1/8" (3.5mm jack) mono plug, while the headphones have a 1/8" (3.5mm jack) stereo plug. A 3.5 to 6mm (1/4") adapter is included. The microphone boom is designed to be extremely flexible and can be swivelled to provide optimum positioning in any situation.


  • BM-17: Heil Sound BM-17, single side, dyn. microphone.
  • BM-17DUAL: Heil Sound BM-17, dual side, dyn. microphone.
  • BM-17-IC: Heil Sound BM-17, single side, Icom Elektret microphone.
  • BM-17DUAL-IC: Heil Sound BM-17, dual side, Icom Elektret microphone.

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