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118,90 € tax incl.


YAESU MD 100A8X is a desktop microphone for the FT-817 / FT-818 / FT-857 / FT-897 / FT-450AT / FT-1000MP, MKV, MKV Field.

It is designed for Radio amateurs who need a high level of performance when it comes to long distance communications in HF.
We can use the microphone mounted on the base with a double axis support that allows us to find the ideal position to our transmission site or to use only the microphone in the hand.
A pushbutton with PTT interlock is placed on the base to facilitate long conversations and the scanner keys "upload" "lower" frequencies to facilitate the movement in the band.

The MD-100A8X micro has a 600 Ohm. and 8-pin connector or RJ connector

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