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Yaesu MD-200A8X is a desktop microphone, scanner, suitable for FT-1000MP, MKV, MKV Field, FT-2000 / D, FT-950

It is designed for the most demanding Radio amateurs who seek perfection in QSOs. Designed with a unique fidelity factor in teams of its level. Its avant-garde design reminds us of the microphones of professional radio broadcast studios.
Among other notable features we find the "VSPC", this system allows to adjust the microphone response without introducing any type of distortion in the active equalization circuits of the transceiver. This adjustment can be made at 3 levels; HiFi for maximum quality in our modulation, DX with a penetrating modulation, brilliant to reach where others are not heard and an intermediate point.
The MD-200A8X is manufactured in a solid alloy, the area of the capsule has been mounted on a high support and isolated with elements that absorb low frequency vibrations such as blows etc.
In addition, the base provides us with an interlocked PTT key and scanner function.

FT-847, FT 817, FT857, FT 897, FT-757GXII, FT-840,890,990 and all the series FT-1000, MP, MKV, FIELD.
In some of these models the connector is 8 pins and is included.

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