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The mini-VNA Pro2 BT is a furthr development of the worldwide highly acclaimed mini-VNA Network Analyser. The most prominent enhancements are a built in LiIon battery and the new Bluetooth interface. Both enhancements allow you to use the mini-VNA Pro BT ouitdoors, directly at the base of the antenna.

  • New model since June 2018: MiniVNA Pro2 BT
  • Improved dynamic range now 100 dB (was 90 dB)
  • Frequency range extended to 230 MHz (was 200 MHz)
  • New 24 bit AD converter
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity
  • Further functions and technical data of the mini-VNA Pro2 BT
  • Frequency range 0.01 to 230MHz
  • Calibration using open/short-load for accurate results
  • Range of impedance Z from 1 to 1000Ω
  • Two ports VNA with S11 and S12 display; displayed and save results
  • I/Q DDS Generator with 0 dBm output power
  • Two separate RF outputs for I/Q for SDR experiemnts and IMD measurements with independent attenuator from 0 to 55dB, phase angle adjustable to 1° precision
  • Built in Bluetooth® Adaptor (Class 1) for wireless remote measurements
  • Built in LiIon 1000mAh battery, (4 hours full-scan operation)
  • Built in battery charger (up to 400mA)
  • Accessory port for future optional interfaces and frequency extenders
  • Low power consumption, 220mA @3.6V, (analyser mode using USB port)
  • Power save mode
  • SMA connectors for better isolation
  • extended dynamic range: up to 100 dB for transmission, up to 50 dB for reflection
  • Boot loader for future firmware upgrades
  • User friendly interface for PC Windows, Linux and MAC
  • Integrated Smith Chart in software
  • Measurements of motional crystal parameters, cable lengths & more
  • Export dat in several formats: JPG, Excel, ZPLOT, S2P, PDF

Included in shipment is:

  • Mini VNA Pro2 BT incl. Akku
  • USB cable

Note on Software: The software for both versions Mini-VNA and Mini-VNA Pro BT is continously developed. For this reasons a CD ROM is not included in shipment anymore. The current software is always downloadable from the internet. We recommend for example the program vna/J by DL2SBA. This is an application written in Java which runs fine under Windows, MacOS and Linux. This is also the software which is linked to by the manufacturer.

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