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Tarheel antennas are short HF mobile antennas, which use a integrated motor to cover the entire shortwave band (aka screwdriver antennas). The cylindrical, weatherproof lower section contains a large air coil and the solid 12V motor. With the large air coil these antennas have a much higher efficiency than slim antennas of a comparable length, as a drawback these antennas are much more visible...

Located on the lower section are various stainless steel whips, depending on model. Included in the shipment is a 6m long control cable ready to use, the cable is fused and includes a ferrite bead to eliminate interferences into the supplied manual control unit. The antennas have a 3/8" thread on the bottom, the smaller models can be installed directly to any vehicle base with 3/8" connector. The Little Tarheel II could be easily installed for example on the triple magnet base (article 11115).

The included manual control unit can be replaced by an optional automatic control unit. Thus unit stores once found settings and can recall them easily. The required sensor which counts the motor revolutions is integrated into all Tarheel antennas.

The antenna Baby Tarheel has a frequency range 7-54 MHz, 200 W PEP.


The shortest antenna of this family, total length without base max. 1.25m. Depending on the mounting location on the vehicle, you may even be able to drive into the garage with it! Unfortunately, you have to do without the 80m band because of this. Otherwise same as Little Tarheel II.

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