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49,00 € tax incl.


Microporocessor controlled unit, enabling you to send Morse telegraphy with any stand PC keyboard (PS/2 connector). Many functions like memories, loops, contest sequence numbers, beacon id etc. are available with the integrated software. Works without a PC, requires 7 to 15V DC. Power consumption max. 50mA, incl. keyboard.



  • Eight standard text memories (4x 32 chars, 4x 64 chars), retains contents after power down
  • One Quick memory, e.g. note the call of your partner for easy recall
  • Two keying speeds selectable on the fly by hitting the enter key.
  • Speed control coarse or fine
  • Seven different training programs
  • Individual weighing of dash/dot/pause
  • Usual traffic signs like BK, AR,SK available with Alt-key
  • Automatic contest sequence generation (Nulls either a s"T" or "0")
  • Continous keying for tuning purposes
  • Visual feedback for memory overflow or errors
  • Beacon mode allows programmable delays
  • Programmable control pin (output) e.g. for power selection of a beacon
  • The latest version supports the new '@' character

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