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EAntenna 144OWL9 (14,57 dBi - 28,59 dB F/B)



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EAntenna antennas for VHF OWL, does justice to both design work and many field tests, to ensure that only 9 antenna elements can satisfy the most demanding.
This unique performance is characterized by:

  • You can hear very low signals without QRM and QRN noise alters the audio clarity.
  • The food is straightforward to 50 Ohms, which has not lost any respect to lines of adaptation. (You can order an optional cable terminated with connector and soldered PL-UHF, N or BNC on the end if required)
  • The bandwidth covers the entire band with low SWR / SWR.
  • The radiation pattern is narrower than the LFA, but excellent for when you want to listen to a station in the direction you want.
  • Its ratio of F / B is high, since only antenna boom lengths can get exaggerated.
  • The gain is comparable with other models of antennas always larger in dimensions.

This is explained because in EAntenna:

  • Millimeter by millimeter, manufacture and build CNC machines and / or prepared to hundredths of a millimeter measurements for an accurate measurement.
  • Take care of each piece of aluminum, by filing them smooth exterior and interior. All this by hand, skilled and prepared for a final product of extreme quality.
  • All hardware we use is in stainless steel AISI 304
  • The T5 aluminum used is 6061/6063 and 6082 T6, the best alloys for manufacturing antennas and resistant to the weather elements.
  • Always LFA EAntenna antennas are insulated from the boom, with German clamps PP (Polypropylene, -30 ° C / +60 ° C).
  • Since OWL will also isolated from the boom that the LFA, but right in the center of the same parts we use are of PA (polyamide, -40 ° C / +70 ° C)
  • We include detailed manual mounting and up videos on our site, which are indicative of assembly of some models.
  • Do not be satisfied until our client has its antenna mounted and work with it. So, whenever you need or have any questions or comments, contact our customer service department, and direct with Rodrigo, EA7JX ( ea7jx@eantenna.es ), which we will attend as quickly.

Specifications 144OWL9

  • 30x2mm square boom.
  • Elements of 6mm in diameter, except that the LOOP is 13mm and 10mm at the ends.
  • Mast plate of 150x100mm with 6mm thick with square U-bolts M6 fuck boom to the plate and U-bolts of M8 to the plate to the mast.

Characteristics of the 144OWL9

  • This antenna is designed to not relax when you're working with it, because it will give many joys. With 4 of these antennas enfasadas "H", CT1HZE/DL8HCZ, Joe, broke the record for EME in length, by now passed.
  • Simple and quick, because since the boom joints are very easy to assemble.
  • Antenna very solid construction, and with a weight very acceptable.
  • Enfasar Available for 2 or 4 units in a short (under table include enfasamiento).


Frequency Range: 144 ~ 146 MHz
Gain: 14.57 dBi
F / B: 24.53 dB
SWR:1:1.1 ~ 1:1.2
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Maximum Power: 5 kW.
Boom length: 5.0 m. / 16.39 '
Wind Resistance: ≥ 160kmh / 100mph
Weight: 5.4 kg / 11.90 pounds


* Gain dBi (gain over isotropic dipole in free space) = -2.15 dBd  Ratio
** Gain Front / Back "F / B" (gain when the antenna is rotated 180 ° azimuth direction)



V = 2.81 to 3.28 m (3.12 m optimal)

H = 3.08 to 3.59 m (3.50 m optimal)

Calculation of 2 antennas:

@ Vx2 2.82 m Gain: 17.32 MHz dBi@144.100

  @ Vx2 3.12 m Gain: 17.50 MHz dBi@144.100

@ Vx2 2.82 m F / B: 26.51 MHz dB@144.100

@ Vx2 3.12 m F / B: 26.58 MHz dB@144.100

HX2 @ 3.12 m Gain: 17.37 MHz dBi@144.100

  HX2 @ 3.50 m Gain: 17.52 MHz dBi@144.100

HX2 @ 3.12 m F / B: 26.57 MHz dB@144.100

HX2 @ 3.50 m F / B: 26.21 MHz dB@144.100

Calculating antennas 4 H:

HX2 (3.12 m) + Vx2 (2.82 m): 20.19 Bi / F 27.74 dB / MHz B@144.100

  HX2 (3.50 m) + Vx2 (3.12 m): 20.49 dBi / 26.91 dB F / B@144.100 MHz

At each antenna, find a serial number and / or lot located in the boom and on the outside of the box to verify that it is EAntenna bought and mounted.
A brand inspired by and for amateur radio, considering that this is a hobby.

Rod 73s, EA7JX

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