EAntenna EA270ZB5 2+3 EL. 144 MHz./432 MHZ. Maximize

EAntenna EA270ZB5 2+3 EL. 144 MHz./432 MHZ.



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EAxxZB EAntenna series are antennas designed by the super-known, Martin Steyer, DK7ZB. Amateur Radio which prompted the new antenna design, using new software today, which were based on characters like YU7EF, G0KSC, to have their current designs. Martin, after many years based on designs of their countrymen DL6WU DJ9BV and, with continued many antenna designs that have occupied the first places in competitions winning seasons, and filling facilities like people who take their own antennas. Seeing that some of their antennae are not improved by now, we agreed to make some of their models. Antennas with high demand and price aseguible. Topics tomasmos always considered in EAntenna, that quality does not have to have a high price.

This performance EAxxZB characterized in that:

  • Gain antennas tip and a F / B acceptable, taking into account the lengths of separation and boom length.
  • They are multi-band antennas with one run of coax 50 Ohm direct.
  • The bandwidth is broad to cover all part of Amateur Radio.
  • The radiation pattern is banstante wide, so even some in fixed position will get a wide range of correspondents from different latitudes.
  • These antennas are prepared both for FM, SSB and CW, but positioning it in Vertical and horizontal respectively.

This is explained because in EAntenna:

  • Millimeter by millimeter, manufacture and build CNC machines and / or prepared to hundredths of a millimeter measurements for an accurate measurement.
  • It takes care of every piece of aluminum, by filing them smooth exterior and interior. All this by hand, skilled and prepared for a final product of extreme quality.
  • All hardware we use is in stainless steel AISI 304
  • The T5 aluminum used is 6061/6063 and 6082 T6, the best alloys for manufacturing antennas and resistant to the weather elements.
  • Always EAxxZB of EAntenna antennas are insulated from the boom, fitted with "Made in Spain" PA (polyimide, -40 ° C / +70 ° C).
  • We include detailed manual mounting and up videos on our site, which are indicative of assembly of some models.
  • Do not be satisfied until our client has its antenna mounted and work with it. So, whenever you need or have any questions or comments, contact our customer service department, and direct with Rodrigo, EA7JX ( ea7jx@eantenna.es ), which we will attend as quickly.

Specifications EA270ZB5

  • Boom square sections of 25 × 1.5 mm.
  • Elements of 6mm. in diameter, including the excited.
  • Originally this antenna because of its small boom, is to position it in front of the mast, and avoid interactions with the neck and even to put on a balcony or handle it with his hands in the Fox hunts.
  • The mast plate of 100x100mm with 6mm thick with square U-bolts M6 fuck boom to the plate and U-bolts from M6 to the plate to 50mm maximum mast. in diameter.

Characteristics of the EA270ZB5

  • Whether you if your dedication is FM or SSB in some cases, this antenna provides good gain for a boom of such small dimensions.
  • Even going to the field or portable, with a simple TV rotor can move smoothly.
  • Simple and quick, because the boom is in one piece and the elements are in one piece and in the center hole for fixing to boom.
  • Antenna very solid construction, and with a weight very acceptable.


Frequency Range: 144 ~ 146 MHz 432 ~ 440 MHz
Elements for Band 2 3
Gain: 6.27 dBi 8.38 dBi
F / B: 10.0 dB 11.0 dB
Max. Power: 500 W 500 W
Max. SWR / SWR: 1.4:1 1.5:1
Boom length: 70 cm.
Material Aluminum T5 6061/6082 Stainless Steel
Max diameter. mast. 50 mm. 2 inch
Weight: 680 gr. 1.5 lb

* Gain dBi (gain over isotropic dipole in free space) = -2.15 dBd
** Gain Front / Back "F / B" (gain when the antenna is rotated 180 ° azimuth direction)


At each antenna, find a serial number and / or lot located in the boom and on the outside of the box to verify that it is EAntenna bought and mounted.
A brand inspired by and for amateur radio, considering that this is a hobby.

73s de Rod,  EA7JX

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