EAntenna VU-LFA23 8+15 EL. LFA 144 MHz./432 MHZ. Maximize

EAntenna VU-LFA23 8+15 EL. LFA 144 MHz./432 MHZ.



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EAntenna presents the first LFA DUALBAND of the history.
The EAntenna VU-LFA23 (8 + 15 LFA elements VHF-UHF).
It is well known that an antenna with a polarity offset of 90 °, that is, horizontal elements for FM or vertical for SSB, has an attenuation of -20 dB or greater.
And with the lag of this antenna, at 45 °, the attenuation is equal to or less than 3dB.
Another particularity of this antenna works with independent feeds to optimize every tenth of dB.

  • Antennas with peak gain and an acceptable F/B ratio with 376cm boom lenght
  • They are multiband antennas, with direct down to 50 Ohms.
  • The bandwidth is wide to cover all the part of Amateur Radio.
  • These antennas are prepared for both FM, SSB and CW without polarity change.

Specifications of the VU-LFA23

  • Square boom of 30x30x2mm thickness., In 3 sections.
  • 6mm elements diameter, except the driven with 13mm.
  • The plate to mast, of 250x100mm with 6mm of thickness with M6 Square U-Bolts to the boom and round M8 to the mast up to 52mm of diameter.


Frequency range:144 ~ 146 MHz.432 ~ 440 MHz.
Elements by Band815
Gain:13.31 dBi14.92dBi
F / B:25.65 dB34.67 dB
Max. Power:2000 W2000 W
Max. SWR / ROE:1.2: 11.3: 1
Boom length:3.76m12.3 ft
Material usedAluminum T5 6061/6082Stainless steel
Diameter Max. mast.50 mm2 inch
Weight:8.5 Kg18.8 lbs

* Gain in dBi (Gain over isotropic dipole in free space) -2,15 = dBd
** Front / Back Gain Ratio "F / B" (Gain when the antenna is rotated 180º azimuth direction)

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